As a vendor, the best way for you to reach licensed acupuncturists in Minnesota is by connecting with us through our association.

Our Audiences

MAA members
Our membership consists of acupuncturists, schools that educate future acupuncturists, other health care providers and members of the general public who have shown interest in our profession and have opted to commit to membership.

Health care providers
Health care providers who value an integrated approach to treatment use our directory.

Users of acupuncture and Oriental medicine
We make our publications available to those voicing an interest in using acupuncture and Oriental medicine as part of their health care plan.

Why advertise with us?

Not only do we provide you with access to people who are interested in promoting health and wellness, you will have direct access to our membership.

"Association members are more engaged with their association's media offerings than with commercial media offerings, and the more engaged consumers are with a medium, the more likely they are to purchase products either endorsed or featured in that medium."

-Association Now Magazine

The best way to reach a target audience is by connecting with them through their association. MAA is the best way to connect to quality acupuncturists in Minnesota.

MAA members are passionate about quality and are experts in their field. The brand recognition you have with these experts is crucial. We need to know who the leaders are in your industry. Don't give your competition an advantage-make sure MAA members see your ad first.

These opportunities give you unprecedented access to quality acupuncturists.

MAA offers many opportunities to reach decision makers. The above opportunities give you unparalleled access to quality acupuncturists. With MAA, you're doing more than buying ads-you are joining the industry's inner circle.

MAA Media

1. Our email newsletter is distributed to MAA membership. At times, it is also distributed to all licensed acupuncturists in Minnesota. It is always made available on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram groups as well.

2. The MAA website has a section for members to log in and view vendors who have made special discounts available to MAA members. If you are offering a discount to our members, you have the opportunity to promote your business.

For more information or to advertise with us, please e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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