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Minnesota Medical Reserve Corps


Minnesota licensed acupuncturists have the ability to join statewide and local MRC volunteer relief teams and join other healthcare professionals in times of need.  
Interested in becoming an official MRC volunteer? Visit the Minnesota Responds website to start the registration process. 
Minnesota Responds is a partnership that integrates and engages local, regional, and statewide volunteer programs to strengthen public health and health care, reduce vulnerability, build resilience, and improve preparedness, response and recovery capabilities.

Impact | Give Back

With national disasters and other traumatic events in the news, as practitioners, we often wonder how we can give back and help make a difference.   

The practitioners at Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts are actively involved in donating the proceeds from various acupuncture events towards various relief efforts and charities.  Spread the work and put on your calendar and share with family and your community!

Pokes for American Refugee Committee

 Volunteer Opportunities

Pillsbury House & Salvation Army Community Clinics
The Pillsbury House and Salvation Army community clinics in Minneapolis are looking for ongoing volunteer acupuncturist to help meet the needs for underserved populations seeking holistic care. For more information on how to get connected, contact Sheryl Cota at NWHSU: scota@nwhealth.edu

Pathways Healing Center Clinics

PTSD Support Group
The Mission Project is a Veteran Driven Support Group, designed to meet the needs of its participants. This is an ongoing monthly support group, offering services at no cost in Lakeville and now in Minneapolis. 

Community Acupuncturist needed!  Contact admin@mnacupuncture.org for more information.

Acupuncture Before Invasive Care

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Local News:  Experience Life

Whole - Person Cancer Care

Many hospitals now offer alternative or complementary treatment options for battling cancer. Chief among them is acupuncture.

Research backs its effectiveness in relieving cancer-treatment side effects, including radiation-related hot flashes, dry mouth, peripheral neuropathy, and fatigue. A 2017 report published in Current Oncology found that acupuncture significantly reduced gastrointestinal symptoms from chemotherapy. Acupuncture tends to be inexpensive, especially compared with pharmaceutical options. And for some patients, it can provide as much pain relief as opioids do, with fewer side effects. 

Studies emphasize acupuncture’s utility in relieving side effects of treatment, but show it can be part of a preventive strategy, as well. 

“Cancer is usually the result of a lot of imbalance that has been going on for a while,” says Tomás Flesher, LAc, owner of Three Treasures Natural Healing in Minneapolis. The body is a collection of dynamic energies, Flesher explains. Acupuncture practitioners often compare these energies, called chi (pronounced “chee”), to a river in the body: When it’s high, everything flows as it should; when it’s low, debris gets stuck, causing illness. Acupuncture works to balance those energies before disease sets in.

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Local News:  StarTribune

The Art of Acupuncture:  Chinese medicine helps seniors optimize their lives

Western medicine is "about making sure you're not sick," but in Chinese medicine, "you're trying to optimize somebody's life, so they feel as good as they can, have as much energy and joy as they can."

That's according to Senia Tuominen, whose Healing InSight practice on Grand Avenue in St. Paul offers acupuncture, nutritional counseling and herbs. Tuominen calls those "tools I can use," but she said that Chinese medicine is "not about just me going in and fixing something. There's a collaboration. We can give you tools, counsel and coach you."

"When I got into this field, I thought it was going to be lots of young people like me wanting to do alternative medicine," Tuominen said. "I couldn't believe how many seniors have come to my practice. They're not feeble, ill or weak. I call them the young at heart."

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Local News: WCCO

Michael Egan L.Ac, from Allina Health joins Liz Collin in-studio to talk about alternative treatments for chronic pain disorder and fibromyalgia. 


Local News:  MN Physician's Article

Here's a copy of the Article that was published in the MN Physician magazine that you can forward to patients and friends!

MN Physican Acupuncture Article 2016.pdf

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